Frequently Asked Questions

Are granite countertops hard to maintain?

Not at all.  The biggest misconception in peoples’ minds about granite maintenance is that they are somehow hard to maintain.  Just talk to someone who now cleans granite countertops who once before had the pleasure of keeping a tile countertop looking clean. Granite spray bottle cleaners are available in most home improvement and grocery stores.

How do I seal my Granite Countertops?

We do the initial sealing of your countertops and show you how to do it yourself.  You can actually buy a 3-in-1 kit that has a daily granite cleaner, granite polish, and granite sealer.  They are all in spray bottle form and very easy to use.

How much do slabs cost?

Slabs have varying price ranges based on their rarity, size, and where you buy them.  The entry level slab usually ranges from $450-$550, mid-range about $750-900, and the high-range can be from $1100-$1600. We have remnants at our shop as well.  

How many slabs will I need?

Most average size Temecula kitchens utilize 1-3 slabs.  The number of slabs that you will need depends on the square footage, what size the slabs are, and if you want to do 4’’-7’’ backsplash or a full height backsplash.  When we measure your home, we will figure out how many you will need based on the average slab size of 110’’ x 65’’.  As you narrow your choices down, we can determine how many slabs you’ll need of the exact type that you’re
most interested in.  Our service includes picking up your granite from the slab yard.

Can I reuse my sink?

Sometimes you’re able to reuse your sink but clients often prefer to purchase a new, under mount sink to complement their countertop. Ask us about deals on new, stainless steel sinks that are less than hardware store prices.

Do you book match your aprons?

Yes. An apron is the strip of granite that is cut and then glued to the front edges of the countertop where the edge detail is routed. The aprons are cut and folded under so that the grain matches the top as opposed to cutting the apron strips from the top of the slab and laminating them to a non matching front edge.

What are pre-fabricated slabs?

These slabs are made in China, the aprons are not book matched and the quality of the polishing is generally substandard to our 10 step process. The pieces only come in straight runs, which means that any irregularly shaped countertops will require more seams.  Often the pieces need to be reworked and the initial upfront savings are lost.  We don’t recommend this type of product.

What is 2 cm vs. 3 cm?

Most slabs come from other parts of the world where they measure thickness in centimeters.  A 2 cm slab is ¾ inch thick, and a 3 cm slab is 1 ¼ inch thick. A 3 cm slab is more expensive and is used mostly for outdoor kitchens and barbecues. A 2 cm slab is less expensive and can be used in any location.

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